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Cha Yi Green Tea

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Cha Yi Premium Green Tea

Cha Yi green Tea is blended to an ancient Chinese recipe that has been used for health and wellbeing for many centuries. Each ingredient in our blend is expertly sourced and mixed together to ensure each cup is not only delicious but helps to keep you feeling radiant from inside to out!

It's all in the blend

Many people are aware of the benefits of green Tea, but don’t necessarily enjoy its bitter flavour. Cha Yi Tea’s unique and ancient recipe not only helps it to far surpass the benefits of green Tea alone, but actually creates a flavour that is mild and delicious, so you not only get to feel amazing but enjoy every sip along the way!

Find out more

If you want to find out more about Cha Yi Tea then take a look at our FAQ's page where there is a host of answers to many of the questions we are most often asked. If you can't find the anwser then please contact us.

Benefits of Green Tea

Each individual ingredient in our amazing blend has many health benefits associated with it. Cha Yi is high in antioxidants, but why are these so important? Read more about the Benefits of Green Tea ...


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